We are very proud of our small herd of angus cross cattle. We've been raising cattle for over 40 years here in our little valley. In addition to raising our dogs in as natural an environment as possible, we also produce a limited quantity of non- certified organic grass fed beef for sale. Our cattle are raised using no chemicals or vaccinations and are pastured on grass and clover irrigated pastures that have never had poison used on them for weeds and have not received chemical fertilizers for over 13 years.We keep our cows well fed and work around them on foot, keeping them calm and happy.Many can be petted in the field, including our bull.  Our calves grow quickly and produce exceptionally tender and flavorful meat.  Please e-mail us at crystalaussie@gmail.com to reserve a half or whole beef from this year's crop.


Here are some of our calves from last year's crop -